Farming experience | Tour of Old Private Houses in Ishikari Region

Farming experience

Cooperative farming experience program

※ Interpretation and transportation fees are not included.
※ Every program has tax included.

◉Cherry tomato picking activity◉Digging up potatoes and potato-mochi cooking activity◉Peanut harvesting activity◉Kimono experience◉Soba noodle making activity◉Go sleighing and experience making potato-mochi◉Experience cycling by the countryside◉Snowshoe Tour◉Snowmobile trail experience◉Snow Lantern making activity◉Stargazing Activity◉Digging vegetables out of the snow

※ A link to each activity is provided above.



◉Cherry tomato picking activity


You can go pick cherry tomatoes “Ishikari De Chu!!” in Takaoka, Ishikari, and talk to farmers about how they grow their tomatoes.


◉Digging up potatoes and potato-mochi cooking activity


You can dig up potatoes and fry potato-mochi, one of the favorite foods of Hokkaido, for yourself in NPO Samliv, Takaoka, Ishikari-shi. Baked Grissini (Italian bread) is a special treat made by Samliv.


◉Peanut harvesting activity


You can enjoy harvesting peanuts in the Kitaoyafuru area, next to the Takaoka area, in Ishikari. Farmers and local citizens work together in this peanut field.


◉Kimono experience


You can experience wearing a kimono in historical Japanese house. After that you can take some pictures in the same historical Japanese house. Here in the countryside, you can feel a longing feeling that you can’t get anywhere in the city.


◉Soba noodle making activity


Hokkaido is a place famous for its buckwheat production. You can use Ishikari buckwheat to make soba.


◉Go sleighing and experience making potato-mochi


How about taking a sleigh ride down the large snowy hill that piles up at Samliv farms? After sleighing you can fry up some potato-mochi for yourself for lunch. Baked Grissini (Italian bread) is a special treat made by Samliv.


◉Experience cycling by the countryside


The pastoral landscape of Takaoka, Ishikari-shi, looks completely different every season. How about you go cycling to test out your physical prowess, if not for the view alone?


◉Snowshoe Tour


This next activity is taking a hike in snowshoes from the plains to the mountains.
If the weather is nice you can gaze out at Ishikari’s breathtaking landscapes and oceans.
You could even end up seeing some of Hokkaido’s wildlife like a red squirrel or an owl.


◉Snowmobile trail experience


Enjoy a snowmobile ride through Ishikari’s white winter landscape. Doesn’t the wind in your face feel great while riding across this snow-covered field?
You can also drive the snowmobile yourself.


◉Snow Lantern making activity


The snow lanterns decorate the path to our event center in the winter, casting a warm glow over the winter path.
After you have heard about the quality of the snow, pack a bucket full of it, pour the clump of snow back out of the bucket and onto the ground, then hollow out the inside of it.
Place the candle inside of your hallowed out snow mound and you have completed your lantern. Light your candle and enjoy some fine Amazake (sweet non-alcoholic Sake).


◉Stargazing Activity


The “Solii” Kominka is an excellent place for stargazing.
Listen to our talk about how constellations change during different seasons, and then enjoy some stargazing. Also enjoy some Amazake and snacks as you do!


◉Digging vegetables out of the snow


In northern countries vegetables have traditionally been buried in the snow during the winter to prevent them from going bad.
The sugar content in these vegetables increases while they are buried, making them sweeter.
In this activity you will be digging vegetables out of snow.
You can take these vegetables for yourselves as souvenirs!