Delicious dishes | Tour of Old Private Houses in Ishikari Region

Wagamama Noen Cafe

This is a French restaurant situated in front of the farm “Wagamama Noen” where Mr. Tanaka Katsukichi started farming with the New Farmers Project of the Ishikari Government as the first new farmer in Ishikari. Mr. Tanaka’s third daughter is the chef who learned to cook in Tokyo. She cooks Ishikari’s local foods, such as Ikoro eggs, Morai pork, and rich vegetables of every variety and color.

Mauni no Oka

“Mauni no Oka” lies beside the “Hamanasu no Oka Koen Park” where the Ishikari Todai Lighthouse stands. In July 2019, Mauni no Oka was reborn as a diner & bar where you can enjoy an amazing sunset and a lovely nighttime view of the beautiful landscape. From 1:00 pm onwards you can enjoy various cakes and starting at 3:00 pm the restaurant serves drinks.

Ganso Sake-Masu Ryori Kappo Kindaitei restaurant

“Kappo Kindaitei” was established in 1880 and pioneered salmon and trout cuisine. This restaurant is famous for the invention of the Ishikari-nabe (salmon hot pot). Ishikari-nabe’s flavor has remained since the Meiji era, along with the building where it was first made in. What you see is a special Japanese white miso hot pot filled with cabbage, salmon, and seasoned with Japanese pepper. Please enjoy all of the fine salmon and trout foods to your heart’s content.

Okazu no Eki Hott

You are welcomed by a female stationmaster into a one story red roofed house restaurant. She serves a hot rice bowls and various Japanese homely dishes made from local Ishikari foods. For breakfast, you can have an egg rice bowl with local eggs called “Ikoro-ran”, along with curry and rice. For lunch they have a “Menu of the day.” system. During this time, you can get your food as takeout.

Chisan Chisho Tomiki

After coming by a patch of Asian skunk cabbages lying in the swamp and crossing the longest bridge in Hokkaido over the Ishikari River estuary, you will find yourself at this restaurant. Ishikari- seafood-don is the signature dish that won the grand prix of the bowls contest during Ishikari- city union. The chicken tempura-soba-tray is also a very popular dish.